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01.12.2011 goes live!


AbbottWalsh launches Pinto Employment Search site.


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and finding some time for a little rest and relaxation. We have been busy working on some self-promo projects, finishing client projects and getting ready to start some new ones. AbbottWalsh will be providing CERES TERMINALS INCORPORATED with a new website. We will also be providing the GIST Cancer Research Fund with promotional materials, coordinating PR and planning their 10th Anniversary "Walk For The Cure" event. We look forward to this and ask all to support the GIST Cancer Research Fund if you can.


AbbottWalsh Creative has completed a three minute sales training video for Ceres Terminals Incorporated.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


AbbottWalsh Creative produced a one minute video for Ceres Terminals Incorporated to be presented at the Seatrade Cruise Convention in Miami. Illustration and voiceover created and produced by AbbottWalsh.

To view the video:


I received an urgent email from a friend about a cat in need of a home. The cat's owner passed away in an apartment in Philadelphia and the little guy was unknowingly locked up for three months without food and water. When finally found and captured, he was malnourished, had an open wound on his head and was very traumatized. He somehow made his way to a feral cat shelter in NYC. I adopted him and he is adjusting just fine and seems very happy to have a new home.

He has a very unique tail. All black except for a puuuuurfect ring of white towards the end. Here is a picture.

My Cat's Tail


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and taking time out for some rest and relaxation. We have been busy working on some new self-promo projects along with finishing some client projects and starting new ones.
AbbottWalsh will be providing a new website for CERES TERMINALS INCORPORATED, coordinating PR and providing promotional materials for the GIST Cancer Research Fund, as well as planning the event for the 10th Anniversary "Walk For The Cure", scheduled for October 24th, 2010. Please support the GIST Cancer Research Fund if you can. 03.11.2010

AbbottWalsh Creative welcomes PINTO EMPLOYMENT SEARCH. We will be helping PINTO with their corporate identity program as well as producing a new website.PINTO EMPLOYMENT SEARCH is located in Los Angeles, California.




Forgive Your Shortcomings • Leap Before You Look • Reconcile • Wake Up Early • Don't Compromise Your Standards • Look On The Bright Side • Realize Your Visions • Don't Waver • Create A Masterpiece • Suspend Disbelief • Seek Drama • Howl At the Moon • Don't Look Back • Be Daring • Run Away • Stay • Forget Your Umbrella • Indulge Your Weakness • Do Your Expenses On Time • Write • Kiss On A Porch Swing • Join The Circus • Dance The Night Away • Live Happily Ever After • Look Them In The Eye • Don't Look Back • Breathe Deeply • Retain Your Sense Of Humor • Step Back • Count Your Blessings • Be Divine • Maintain Your Composure • Listen To A Seashell • Seize The Sublime • Indulge Yourself Shamelessly • Avoid Mediocrity • Ideate • Orate • Sing Out Loud & Out Of Tune • Flex Your Muscles • Revel In It • Eat Snow • Follow Your Instincts • Seize The Moment • Celebrate The New Year!

OPINION: A Stroke of Marketing Genius!

I read that NIKE's largest competitor, PUMA, is in endorsement talks with Tiger Woods soon to be ex, Elin Nordegren. What a stroke of marketing genius that would be if true. PUMA would instantly place itself as the ANTI-TIGER, and in doing so, the ANTI-NIKE. Ms. Nordegren represents all that is family, moral & healthy and millions of woman would lend a supporting ear to whatever she has say....or for that matter...sell.

NIKE, on the other hand, is going to have a rough time of it whether they continue to use TIGER as their pitchman or not. PUMA is on top of the leaderboard on this one, folks. Stay tuned, this should be interesting!


Happy Thanksgiving!


AbbottWalsh Creative (formally KMA Advertising, Inc.), Celebrates 23 YEARS in business!


Media coverage for 2009 The Peter Thomas RIDE FOR A CURE and The GIST Cancer Research Fund The 2009 Peter Thomas GIST Cycle Challenge


Congratulations to the dedicated riders and support team who participated in the 2009 Peter Thomas Ride For A Cure and in doing so, helping to create awareness and donations for the GIST Cancer Research Fund. The riders completed a 1,000 mile cycle journey starting in Montreal and ending, 10 days later, in Rockland State Park, NY. AbbottWalsh Creative is honored to be able to assist this wonderful group of family, friends and community in their endeavor. Thank You, Reitte, Dylan and Wayne!
Note To Dylan From Lance Armstrong


AbbottWalsh Creative will be providing promotional & educational materials for the 9th Annual Port of New York - New Jersey PORT INDUSTRY DAY. The conference will be held on Monday, October 26, 2009 at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York City.


AbbottWalsh Creative has been selected to handle PR for the 2009 Peter Thomas Cycling Challenge to promote awareness & donations for the GIST Cancer Research Fund. More information regarding the cycling event as well as the walk which will merge on October 3rd & 4th at Rockland State Park, New York, please vist:


AbbottWalsh Creative Communications launches new web site.


AbbottWalsh Creative Communications has been selected by The GIST Cancer Research Fund on a per project basis. Please donate if you can.


AbbottWalsh Creative has been selected to handle promotional materials for The Martin-Bauer Group US. The Martin Bauer Group is an international manufacturer and distributor of the most extensive range of innovative, natural, botanical ingredients and services to the food and beverage, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The Company is a member of the nature networkィ which encompasses close to 3,000 employees in fifteen countries worldwide and gives Martin Bauer Inc. direct access to one of the most valuable sources of knowledge and expertise within the plant world.